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WG4: Software Working Group (SWWG)

The Software Working Group is a place where members are encouraged to learn, share and network with other members around the subject of IP software tools both for today and tomorrow.

Given the growing presence of technology tools in Intellectual Property, the objective of this group is to explore software tools and how they can help I3PM members perform better in their daily roles as well as how they may shape their work in the future. Indeed, the roadmap in IP tools is changing and things such as AI, Blockchain and Robots are surfacing as topics to innovate the IP field.

Since the range of IP software and tools is quite vast, sessions will be targeted to members' needs. Periodic surveys to I3PM members will provide feedback to better target areas of interest. Members will be encouraged to share their knowledge and experience on specific IP tools to raise awareness and learn from the group. A variety of subjects will be at the heart of this working group including building IP Best Practices, aligning IP software tools to reflect the Business Strategy, along with IP tools and technology shaping IP creation (such as AI) and management.

SWWG members:

  • Julie Thompson, Chair
  • Donal O'Connell

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