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A Value Based IP Management Approach, by Peter Bittner

A Short Introduction to Intellectual Property (IP) Law, by Pierre Roquefeuil

Challenges for IP Managers in the Software industry, by Peter Bittner

Impact of the Global Economy Crisis on Patenting Strategies, by Martina Rangel

Outsourcing of IP activities – How IP- Managers can benefit, by Thomas Kretschmer

Strategy for external patent attorneys serving internal IP-management and acting as IP-managers, by Paul Rosenich

Theory of the Patent System, by Nikola Totzev

Trolls and the Five Forces, by Peter Bittner and Bent Lundsager

Visions for IP Managers - From job description to job reality, by Gauthier Obrecht

Geistiges Eigenturm erfolgreich managen, by Philipp Hammans

IP Management in the Software Industry, by Peter Bittner and Matthias Zahn (source german): http://www.vksi.de/fileadmin/downloads/magazin/VKSIMagazin_6.pdf, VKSI-Magazin No. 6, pages 24/25

Piraten vs. Eigentum: Den Zeitgeist verpasst, by Peter Bittner (german), CHIP-Magazin 08/2012, pages 30/32

Motor der Technik, zur Philosophie des Patent Systems, by Nikola Totzev (german)

IT und Recht - Patente als Schutzmechanismen für technische Erfindungen, by Peter Bittner and Matthias Zahn (german):
http://www.vksi.de/fileadmin/downloads/magazin/VKSIMagazin_7.pdf, VKSI-Magazin No. 7/2012, page 32

IP Assets - Treiber für nachhaltige Wertsteigerung. (02.05.2013) by Peter Bittner (german)

Proprietäre Software und Offenheit – Widerspruch oder Gelegenheit? (10.06.2013) by Peter Bittner (german)

IP Dashboard: Measuring and Managing IP Performance, summer school: "Economics and Strategic Management of Intellectual Property" University of Bologna, Alma Graduate School Bologna 10-14 June 2013. (by Peter Bittner and Bent Lundsager)

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