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WG1: Professional Qualification Commission (PQC)

I3PM has formed a working group called Professional Qualification Committee (PQC) which is dedicated to the definition and development of this fairly new profession of IP Managers. The mission of PQC is three-fold.

  • Understand and analyse the role of IP managers, their needs and requirements to succeed in a global, knowledge-based economy. Define a grid of core competencies for IP Managers.
  • Lead the global recognition and acknowledgement of IP Manager as a profession. Bring recognition of IP Managers as accomplished professionals for career advancement.
  • Support the professionalization of newly appointed IP Managers. Foster continuous development of IP Managers to respond to change in our dynamic economies.

PQC will periodically survey the I3PM community and external stakeholders. It will also help to establish training schemes which demonstrate and validate the competencies of IP Managers with different tracks, including accreditation, certification and continued professional development.

Connecting and collaborating with professionals, companies as well as universities will play an important role for PQC to fulfill its mission, and interested parties are cordially invited to contact PQC for collaboration opportunities.

What is an “IP Manager”?

Businesses need a new breed of professionals who look at IP with a holistic and strategic lens beyond legal by bridging with the other functions in a company like management, business development, finance/tax, as well as other communities such as investors and entrepreneurs. While the legal expertise is well developed in the IP field, new knowledge, skills and tools are required to bring such cross-disciplinary capacity to the intersection between IP and business for the benefit of the company, economy and society at large. This new breed of professional is now commonly referred to as “IP Manager”.

PQC members:

  • Dr. Arnaud Gasnier, Chair
  • Ulf Schaberg
  • Gordan Vincent Hyland

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