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Welcome to I3PM

The International Institute for IP Management is an association of IP Managers dedicated to promoting the field of IP Management, and thereby to enhance the emergence of a dynamic IP-driven economy.

I3PM gathers managers from diverse international corporations and organisations, forming a unique experience pool in the management and realisation of value from immaterial assets.

Via it's contacts with the academic world, I3PM actively supports the development and spreading of knowledge and best practice in the area of IP Management. I3PM has in particular been recognized as a "Global Office for the Knowledge Economy" by Prof. Alexander Wurzer, from Strasbourg University and Steinbeis Institute of Management. Read More: (EN), (DE)

What we are for

The general object of the Institute is to study problems relating to the management of intellectual property (IP) and to the profession of the members of the Institute, to come to conclusions on these problems and to convey these conclusions to the authorities and other interested parties as recommendations or opinions or as drafts.

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