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A general object of I3PM is to study problems related to the management of IP and to the profession of the members of the Institute, to come to conclusions on these problems and to convey these conclusions to the authorities and other interested parties as recommendations or opinions or as drafts.

In this context, I3PM recognised over the past years that a lot of academic research in the field of IP is done on topics of low practical relevance for IP practitioners. For this reason we established the I3PM Advisory Board which facilitates to establish a better communication between industry, academic research and the administrative domain (including legislators). The Advisory Board tries identify real world IP topics which matter in practice and which have academic value with the goal to provide respective solutions. I3PM wants to channel such topics into academic institutions to make better use of academic resources. The research results will be provided to industry and legislators to facilitate future solutions to such problems.


Our current Advisory Board members include:

Industry members:

Brian Hinman, CIPO of Philips (2015)
Udo Meyer, CIPO of BASF (2015)
Cornelis Schueller, Head of IP at Nestle (2016)

Academic members:

Bo Heiden, University of Gothenburg – CIP (2015)
Alexander Wurzer, CEIPI Strasbourg (2016)
Thibaud Lelong, CEIPI Strasbourg (2015)
Marcel Bogers, University of Copenhagen (2016)
Martin Bader, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (2017)

Institutional members:

Yann Ménière, Chief Economist of the EPO (2016)
Martin Ekvad, Head of the Community Plant Variety Office (2016)

Former I3PM Presidents:

Martin Wilming (2008-2009)
Peter Bittner (2010-2015)
Gauthier Obrecht (2016-2017)


Peter Bittner, I3PM

I3PM Advisory Board

from left to right: Alexander Wurzer, Yann Ménière, Bo Heiden, Marcel Bogers, Brian Hinman, Peter Bittner, Udo Meyer, Bent Lundsager, Thibaud Lelong, Martin Ekvad, Cornelis Schueller


The latest Advisory Board Meeting took place in Eindhoven, Jan. 19, 2017 hosted by Philips.

In this meeting, the following potential research questions were identified:

Potential research question for the topic group: IP risk management

  • How to assess risk in connection with IP Management?
  • What is the impact of standards and their compatibility on IP management?
  • How does the changing competitive landscape (partnering with new companies required) affect IP management processes and strategies?
  • How does IP management handle the new IT players?
  • How do new business models arising for the digital transformation affect the IP management function?
  • What is the changing role of IP & IP Management in the digital transformation?
  • How to handle risks and how to find opportunities arising for IP management arising from the digital transformation?
  • What kind of patent pools are necessary for IoT for risk mitigation? Is defensive aggregation an appropriate means in this context?

Collection of potential research question for the topic group: the IP function and its value creation

  • Can the IP function provide input to business strategy to recognize disruption early? (Bo Heiden: “the nature of disruption is that it doesn’t work out until it works – the it’s too late!”
  • How to align IP with company strategy to optimize input/impact of IP management to/on the business.
  • Does the organizational setup of the IP management function affect its impact in the company or is it just the cultural mindset of the people? Is there a correlation between cultural mindset and organizational setup
  • How can the IP function create impact?
  • How to sell the value of IP to management? How to quantify IP value?
  • What should be IP related metrics to create a value culture for the IP function in the company?
  • How to determine the value of IP activities (their value contribution to the business)?

If you are interested in any one of these topics and if you would like to participate in the initiative to set up corresponding research activities, please contact Bent Lundsager bent.lundsager@zacco.com  (Chairman of I3PM meets Academia)

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